Renewable Energy

We're going to run out of any kind of fossil fuels, so we need to move on to a renewable source.

Enel, First Wind, Razer are elevating the bar with anticipateD Geothermal, Wind, Solar and Algae in South Central Utah. The Three Counties of Beaver, Iron and Millard are considered the Alternative Energy Cooridor of Utah. Enel is Deep Drilling to... Read More
It's time to do something electric with all that wasted roof space in cities like Manhattan. The latest in PV and solar thermal technology could lower New York's massive carbon footprint.
Mountaintop wind farms not good for the ecology
Placing one or more unobtrusive small wind generating devices on the roof of a garage or any building to turn only when there is wind power to compress air to be used later seems reasonable to me. Air compressors are common in garages where... Read More
Utilize the current of moving water to generate electricity. By placing water powered electric generators in the main currents of water ways electric generators can produce power to generate batteries for electric cars and other use. To make the... Read More
Place small wind electric producing generators for such minor needs such as charging batteries for electric vehicles and use in homes. A simple wind turbine all around you. Alternative energy green job training. Wind power.
This test illustrates the efficiency drop from heat buildup in PV panels and how water can be heated while the panel produces a more efficient energy yield. ...
This is on of our new 55.7" Paraboloids that produces almost 2K of solar power. They are beasts when it comes to solar heating. I hope to do videos with...
During the summer there is an abundance of sunlight. Take that opportunity to reduce your hot water consumption by creating your own solar-powered water heater. Check out this video to learn how!