Recycling & Upcycling

Recycling used to just make you think of committed greenies, but now it's more common place and widely accepted.  So, how can we take recycling to the next level?  How about some This week we feature Planet Forward innovators who are... Read More
ecoATM’s automated self-serve kiosks use patented, advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence to evaluate and buy-back used electronics from consumers for cash. By providing convenience and immediate cash incentives, ecoATM’s kiosks are... Read More
Minnesota 2020
The shelf-life of every day electronics seems to be getting shorter by the season. Especially with the influx of smart phones and smaller gadgets, consumers and businesses should stay informed about where to send those old computer monitors, TVs,... Read More
eSCO Processing and Recycling
Encourage use of an e-Steward Certified electronics recycling company for the proper management of your electronic assets.
Taking your own recyclable cloth bag to the mall isn’t going to help you go green the whole way. Sure, it will save the cost, use and disposal of one plastic bag. Once you’ve gone past the easy ways to recycle, what other plans can you make to... Read More
System 1 is a self-contained fully functional greywater collection, processing and disbursement system. The system runs on greywater collected from the house’s laundry system, bathtub/shower drains and rainwater. The system supplies filtered water... Read More
America's favorite pastime is going green! At the home of the Seattle Mariners, officials were having trouble getting fans to put their leftover food in compost bins instead of trash cans. So what did they do? They made everything -- cups,... Read More
Three ideas; 1. Right now, in my town (Homestead, Fla.) the trash and recycling bill is the same. The town provides us with recycling bins - yet few of my neighbors use them. If there could be a scale on the recycling pick-up trucks; a simple way to... Read More
Why not try using aluminum for building bridges? Aluminum is really very strong!!
What’s your community doing to encourage recycling? In Bethesda, Maryland, residents can recycle their old electronics without ever getting out of their car! This program allows for useful electronic parts to be reused and keeps dangerous toxins... Read More