Carbon-free but potentially dirty in other ways, nuclear energy is both praised and condemned. PF Members offer their solutions to how to fit nuclear power into our energy future.

Planet Forward
From Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear's watchdog on radioactive waste and nuclear power subsidies
Planet Forward
An interview with Professor Christopher L. DeMarco, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Engineering.
It looks like Gates is "all in" so to speak with respect to climate change. He has substantial investments in a new type of nuclear technology (that people on this website have been ranting about for about a year). Read More
Spent Nuclear Fuel from US Light Water Reactors still has enormous energy value; only 3% of the Uranium in typical fuel rods is actually burned. The remainder of the fuel rod ~ 96% is disposed of as "waste" but is in fact perfectly usable fuel in... Read More
Planet Forward
from AJ Simon of Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Future carbon emissions will not come primarily from the currently industrialized world, but from the emerging economies, especially China. Future Green House Gas emissions from the developing economies in Asia will totally swamp reductions achieved... Read More
Planet Forward
Our first TV special focused on great ideas from you, our members, about how we as a country should approach our energy future. Originally broadcast on April 15, 2009 on PBS.