Carbon-free but potentially dirty in other ways, nuclear energy is both praised and condemned. PF Members offer their solutions to how to fit nuclear power into our energy future.

Planet Forward
At the National Press Club meeting November 29th, Energy Secretary Steven Chu explained the risks the United States is facing as it continues to lose its footing as a world leader in science and energy.  In this segment, Secretary Chu takes audience... Read More
Planet Forward
Energy Secretary Steven Chu told the National Press Club that time may be running out for the United States to lead in sciences and energy. Watch his full speech here.
Here is the Cold Fusion Apparatus Mathmatical Proof that is current submitted to the USPTO office; the application number is 20100008461. In the Application, there is a predicted alternative embodiment of this invention, a solid core cold fusion... Read More
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Fission nuclear produces Gigawatts of power and has done so for 50 years and still gets no respect.
Cold fusion refers to a safe, clean, decentralized energy source that has no harmful byproducts and could supply 100% of our energy needs, replacing dirty energy sources such as oil, gas, and coal forever. Originally, cold fusion was the term given... Read More
Is nuclear back? As billions are being invested in two new reactor projects, students at the University of North Carolina, as part of the Powering the Nation project, talked to residents of two towns about their hopes and concerns. In one town, the... Read More
With global warming pretty much an accepted fact, energy policymakers on both sides of the political spectrum are looking for non-carbon alternatives to creating electricity.
Nuclear power, many argue, is the best way to transition away from fossil fuels in the short term. Yet in the wake of Japan's emergency evacuation when a nuclear plant's cooling system shut down, we ask, is nuclear really a solution? This piece... Read More
Planet Forward
A view from Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley on why we need to explore more options in nuclear technology.