Carbon-free but potentially dirty in other ways, nuclear energy is both praised and condemned. PF Members offer their solutions to how to fit nuclear power into our energy future.

University of Mississippi
Acoustic or infrasonic monitoring of chemical weapons is in use all over the world today, thanks in part to a research center at the University of Mississippi.
We are facing an energy crisis, however the brilliant scientists of the world have found a solution.
NuScale Power has created a new kind of nuclear plant, a smaller, scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology, designed with natural safety features. The NuScale plant uses natural forces to operate and cool the plant. This eliminates... Read More
U-233 Ignited PACER Fusion Practical fusion to fully power the planet longer than the earth has existed or the sun will burn
Since "depleted" nuclear reactor fuel rods are still radioactive, why not try to collect the radiation energy in them the same way that a solar cell works? By surrounding a fuel rod with transparent material casing in a silicate substance... Read More
Here's a new development on the nuclear power front. The technology involves small ceramic balls infused with thorium that are case hardened and emit very little heat. Thorium is currently being touted by scientists as a much better alternative to... Read More
National Science Foundation
Among the casualties of the March 11, 2011, earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan was the country's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. A result of the loss of electricity, overheating at the power plant led to significant releases of iodine... Read More
EM2 is a revolutionary new compact fast reactor that actually runs on the spent-fuel waste of conventional nuclear reactors -- a producing a virtually unlimited electricity supply with no greenhouse gases.
Planet Forward
This week, our expert Christopher Cahill was asked: Why don't we dump our radioactive waste into the Mariannas Trench, where it will be subducted? After a reactor uses its nuclear fuel, there's still a lot of energy in it. It's still hot, highly... Read More
Planet Forward
This Week's Featured Topic: Government Green What's the best role for government to spur innovation in the energy and sustainability space? In the past few weeks, the government has approved the first nuclear power plant to be constructed in the U.S... Read More