Natural Gas

In what some are calling the next gold rush, Natural Gas is rapidly changing the fuel landscape.

The University of Texas at Austin has increased its total annual energy production efficiency by almost 30% over the last 13 years. 150 million in energy efficiency improvements were paid for by reduced fuel consumption. Juan Ontiveros, director of... Read More
Magnum Energy Solutions LLC is a wireless technology company. The Venergy Control System and building energy management systems has the most innovative, advanced and adaptable system on the market today and we constantly strive to be the industry... Read More
American Petroleum Institute
Chief Economist at the American Petroleum Institute, John Felmy, told Planet Forward that there seems to be positive improvements across all forms of energy at the USEA's "State of the Energy Industry" forum.
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Jack Gerard answers Planet Forward's energy innovation question and shares the secret behind being the leader of these new forms of energy.
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At the United States Energy Association's Annual State of the Energy Industry Forum, Jack Gerard, American Petroleum Institute President and CEO, spoke about the 500,000 jobs that could be created by the development of oil and gas in areas that is... Read More
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Is natural gas a transitional fuel? We talked to Haynesville director Gregory Kallenberg last year about the viability and environmental impact of this fuel.Watch>>
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Recently, our expert, Amy Harder was asked, "Do you think that Natural Gas is a good option as an intermediary fuel source for vehicles, or should we skip it and go directly to EVs?" See her response