Natural Gas

In what some are calling the next gold rush, Natural Gas is rapidly changing the fuel landscape.

Nobody wants to be a hoarder, but when it comes to storing renewable energy, we need all the ideas we can get!  We know how to produce a lot of different types of renewable energy, so now we just need to figure out what to do with it before we use... Read More
This week on Bloomberg West, we featured NuMat Technologies. They’ve developed an innovative new method that uses tiny crystals to store alternative forms of energy. Check it out!
Timothy Considine and Robert Watson: Do those names ring a bell?
The influences that distinguish New York’s approach to Shale Gas from Pennsylvania’s were again on full display this week in Albany.
Hydraulic fracturing is problem free. The science says so. Those who ignore this science are hysterical fear mongers.
Presently, coal is ground to a powder then sprayed into a furnace for more even and complete combustion that heats water to steam and steam to super heated steam. The expansion of steam to super heated steam operates the turbine generating... Read More
I’ve been reporting on shale gas for four years now. A trip through upstate New York this week reinforced the notion we are still in the early stages of a story that is gaining steam nationally, even as low natural gas prices have, for now, damped... Read More
The drilling industry’s efforts to open New York state to shale gas development, stymied from the get go, is meeting even more resistance over time. Contrary to public statements earlier this year by New York state governor Andrew Cuomo that... Read More
For an upcoming segment on Bloomberg, Planet Forward will be getting a bit gassy.  FlexEnergy is a company that says it has found a new way to turn lots of new methane sources into renewable energy.  Methane is one of the most destructive... Read More
As the lone proponent of America’s natural gas abundance in the 1970s, Robert Hefner is not new to the conversation surrounding renewable energy. Back then, he was a leader in the successful effort to deregulate natural gas prices during the Carter... Read More