GW Food Institute


The GW Food Institute is home to faculty and student scholars engaged in research about all things related to food, from sustainable agriculture to the way diet and meals shape human society. Healthy communities depend on sustainable food systems that are resilient, diverse, fair, economically balanced, and transparent. Established in September 2015, the GW Food Institute brings together a wide range of scholars to focus collaboratively on:

  • The science and technology of food, health and nutrition
  • Food history and culture
  • Policy, law and justice
  • The business and economics of providing food
  • Food citizenship and leadership

Here you'll find select posts from the Food Institute Commentary page, a food forum by GW students, faculty, and staff. 

carrot in hand held high

(Sage Wylie/George Washington University)

The George Washington University
D.C. organizations partnered to raise awareness about the food injustice that is happening in the nation’s capital with the D.C. Grocery Walk.

Thousands of sea turtles are killed by fishing nets each year.

The George Washington University
Bycatch, a topic you are not likely to hear in discussions of wasted food, is the non-target marine wildlife that is caught in fishing nets or on fishing lines and is then discarded either at sea or at port.

Source: CSIRO/Wikimedia Commons

The George Washington University
Pulses can help you and the environment stay alive, healthy and sustainable just like a heartbeat. In fact, you’ve probably eaten pulses in the past month.
The George Washington University
Prior to beginning my journey as the premier garden queen in residence of Foggy Bottom, I grew up in the metro Atlanta suburbs with a big backyard and parents who actively promoted the importance of doing chores to a child’s development.