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Can artists be environmentalists? David Brewster of West Halifax, VT challenges our notion that “environmental art” must mean paintings of environmental perfection or ruin, towering redwood trees or clearcut rainforest. Brewster encourages us all to... Read More
For this project we followed Thomas Hand from Hand Energy Service as he weatherized a restored Vermont farm house. Weatherization follows an energy audit in a two step process that can help to make your home more energy efficient. By identifying... Read More
Phosphorus, an additive in many dish detergents, is not an essential ingredient. It's soul purpose in the detergent is to make the dishes shiny, not, in fact, to clean.
Car and truck usage is responsible for about one-third of the United State’s total carbon dioxide emissions. Since carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming, it is imperative that we reduce our transportation-related emissions. One... Read More
BRISTOL, RI __ During the last decade, the Toyota Prius exploded on the scene and has since become the icon for the Hybrid car movement. Science aside, how is the Prius to the social fabric of the automotive culture here in the United States? We... Read More
BRISTOL, RI __ Professor Chris Menton bikes to work nearly every day knowing with every trip he's reducing his carbon footprint. Planet Forward (RWU) offers this look inside his world.
BRISTOL, RI __ Like father, like son? Not exactly: social change with regard to the environment sometimes takes a generational change. Here, Planet Forward (RWU) tracks a father and son as they consider their carbon footprint.
There are many ways to change your Carbon Footprint. Gabe offers some lifestyle advice.
Planet Forward
A look at home energy audits and the District Department of the Environment's free home energy audit program
Camping is a great way to teach kids about the environment. Get a nice Mount Holder for your GPS and hit the highway. Once you are on site, but sure to use it as an opportunity to teach kids about the importance of energy regulation. Even explaining... Read More