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Planet Forward
From UC Berkley Professor of Renewable Energy Dan Kammen
Planet Forward
Bill McKibben of Middlebury College gives his take on our climate future
Planet Forward
From the Archives: What role should religious institutions play in addressing issues of climate change? In answer, one filmmaker from UNC's "Powering a Nation" initiative explores how religious leaders are grappling with climate change and what they... Read More
This winter alone, (2010) the DOE forecast individual households will spend $786 in natural gas heating costs.
A group of college students look at the water situation and dream up their own filtered water bottle. Planet Forward (RWU) 2.0 has this look.
Planet Forward
A film team from the George Washington University recently ventured out to a local DC elementary school to look at Casey Trees outreach program to schools. Who doesn't love cute kids saving the world?
With over 10.5 million unemployed individuals collecting unemployment has created a virtual service that allows these unemployed individuals to stay at home and not waste gas when looking for free unemployment help. One of the... Read More
In early 2009, just one month before the House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), Rasmussen released a poll that said only 24 percent of the American public knew "cap-and-trade" dealt with environmental issues. More people... Read More
Earth's beauty countered by industrialization
Local food lies at the center of a sustainable way of living. Author and Environmentalist Bill McKibben speaks about the importance of local economies and his own experience eating food solely from the Champlain Valley in Vermont. Eating local not... Read More