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A lot of simple, seemingly insignificant things can add up to a positive and meaningful global change. PF Members have solutions to living a more sustainable day to day life.

The plastic industry folks are really good at using the media to get their message out and they seem to have turned up the volume on one particularly misleading bit of information lately, placing story after story about plastics recycling being a... Read More
Mark Rodgers, Director of Communications for Cape Wind, believes the off-shore drilling crisis in the Gulf of Mexico should teach us to embrace a cleaner alternative: off-shore wind
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The office is not one of the first places we turn when looking to reduce our carbon footprint, but that may be changing. A number of tactics, from using recycled paper to making delivery and travel routes more efficient, can be used to "green" your... Read More
Recent changes in one of Oxford’s public transportation systems could help keep it running for years to come.
Cliff Davidson, professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University, talks about his work on a textbook to teach sustainability in engineering, the first textbook of its kind.
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Planet Forward host Frank Sesno talks with the producer/director of PBS's Earth Days (premiering on April 19, 2010) about the history of day and what really has changed in the last 40 years since the very first Earth Day.  Watch Part 1 of our... Read More
Planet Forward
Planet Forward host, Frank Sesno, poses questions to Robert Stone, the director of the American Experience film "Earth Days." Find out what surprising scientific evidence was announced on the very first earth day. "Earth Days" premieres on Facebook... Read More
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Answer: It passed a complete streets policy. Two small cities, Hernando and Tupelo, in Mississippi have just passed complete streets policies to improve streets for cyclists, pedestrians and public transit users. They join a growing list of 124... Read More
This past Saturday, March 27, 2010 marked the third global Earth Hour and the second on GW's campus. Many say the lights out message is synonymous with our progression toward a greener global environment. But do all individuals who turn off their... Read More
The D.C. Bag Tax went into effect on January 1, 2010 with a portion of all revenues going to the Anacostia River Clean-Up Fund. Our piece looks at the efforts of one community to address a problem in their own backyard, and as a result, change the... Read More