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A lot of simple, seemingly insignificant things can add up to a positive and meaningful global change. PF Members have solutions to living a more sustainable day to day life.

John Doremus has been keeping an eye on raptors for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management since 1972. After decades of field work, this retired wildlife biologist doesn’t need a map to find his way around the Morely Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey... Read More
As a consultant focused on maintenance, renovation and life-extension of non-residential building roofs, I found this article ( makes some great points regarding the evolution of... Read More
President of Environmental Cost Efficiencies, Inc., Mandy Lippman discusses ways to reduce carbon footprint through alternate ways of trash collection.
Planet Forward
Planet Forward hosted a LIVE event during the White House's GreenGov Symposium, a conference focused on making all levels of government more sustainable. PF Host Frank Sesno led a great discussion between the esteemed panel (Laura Ipsen of Cisco... Read More
Think turning down the AC is the only way to decrease energy use for heating and cooling in your home? Think again. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for 56% of the energy usage in your home. You can change this. You... Read More
“Think of the pollution and the global warming caused by its transport. Think of the ascendancy of corporate agribusiness over family farms. Think of the loss of nutrients during a weeklong journey from soil to supermarket.” –
A brewery in England has started stirring up more than beer. Photo courtesy of ( Are American breweries behind? Maybe they should hop on board the trend to become energy... Read More
by Miranda Green and Andrea Vittorio The George Washington University group GroW has started a community garden on campus. The result: good food, local honey and a few dirty hands!
George Washington University
By Miranda Green and Andrea Vittorio
When it comes to energy use, lots of numbers get thrown around.