Green Communities

It takes a village. Or a city. Some PF Member ideas for turning whole communities green.

Planet Forward
Happy Birthday, Minnesota! Today in 1858, Minnesota was admitted to the Union as the thirty-second state.  To celebrate, we're going to take a look at what's going on in the land of 10,000 lakes to make the state turn from green! We've... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Across the country, community farms are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Check out this video to learn more about a neighborhood garden in Minnesota. Do you think any of their crops will be on their Thanksgiving tables this... Read More
When designing a house, most people consider how many bedrooms to build or how big the kitchen should be. In this house in Mississippi, designers created a sunspace, a room designed specifically to reduce energy use and costs! Check it out!
Minnesota 2020
Eolos is the Ancient Greek god of wind and the namesake for a new wind power research station at the University of Minnesota's UMore Park in Rosemount. Launched in 2010 with grants from the Recovery Act and the US Department of Energy, the station... Read More
In this clip from our Innovation Summit on April 17, 2012, we highlight participants who demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainability and turning innovation into action. These participants challenged themselves to meet a tangible goal in the... Read More
In Huntsville, Alabama, solar power plays a huge role in making the city more sustainable. Among many projects, officials are proposing installing solar panels in parking lots. This would not only provide shade for cars, but serve as charging... Read More
i3 is simply one source for instant updates on clean technology investments, IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, business relationships, and other financing activity. Clients have full access to the searchable, filterable, and exportable database of... Read More
Planet Forward
This is a full panel recording from the GW Moving the Planet Forward Conference. See highlights from this panel here. Moderator: Doug Guthrie, Dean, GW School of Business Guests:Deborah Wince Smith, President, Council on Competitiveness Debra Rowe,... Read More
Planet Forward
Full panel recording from the GW Moving the Planet Forward Conference. See highlights from this panel here. As international treaties and federal policy-making stall, cities are taking the initiative, fostering innovation and fueling competition,... Read More
Joy McKee talks about Operation Green Team, a city-funded organization in Huntsville Alabama governed by a volunteer board of directors. Operation Green Team endeavors to make Huntsville a role model for the state, region and Nation in terms of... Read More