Green Communities

It takes a village. Or a city. Some PF Member ideas for turning whole communities green.

The George Washington University
See how the world can compare to your kitchen. It's quite crowded with 7 billion people. What will happen when there are 9 billion? Tune in! Video Produced by: Sara Snyder and Bridgett Lynn To join the conversation: #thinkfwd Talk about your solar... Read More
Paul Bertram of Kingspan discusses their work in the area of insulation and how it can improve the energy efficiency of our buildings. Bertram says "insulation is the cheapest thing you can do to make your home more energy efficient."
We all want businesses to go green, but who should pay for it? Paul Quintero of Accion discusses his business' mission to provide funding for small businesses.
George Washington University
THIS WEEK: Our rapidly increasing consumption of water is creating concerns about what the world would be like without any! One team, however, created an innovative solution to the planet's quickly disappearing water. Check it out in this week's... Read More
Tornadoes and hurricanes are dangerous, but they also inspire new innovations in the renewable energy field. New turbines mimic those storms’ spiral rotations, hoping to generate energy cleanly and inexpensively!
by Maggie Comstock, Associate, Policy, U.S. Green Building Council On Oct. 26, USGBC participated in a salon on green jobs and economic growth, sponsored by Planet Forward. The high-level discussion included U.S. government representatives from... Read More
National Science Foundation
Counter to conventional wisdom, rural communities demonstrate that self-regulated, community-based resource management systems are effective. Successful resource management on a small scale provides a model for policymakers to apply to resource... Read More
The George Washington University
Team First Light from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand travelled thousands of miles to present their solar house, based on a traditional Kiwi holiday home. Bede Robertson and Nick Officer, two of the 26 students involved in the... Read More
Check out some ideas by Rachel Gutter and Richard Fedrizzi of the U.S. Green Building Council.  These two have big plans for making schools green and creating an emerging generation of more informed, concerned citizens.  Gutter says that by teaching... Read More
George Washington University
We profile three schools that are working toward more sustainable college campuses. WATCH