Green Communities

It takes a village. Or a city. Some PF Member ideas for turning whole communities green.

How do we protect and efficiently use the water we do have? These researchers in California collected rainwater, that would otherwise be wasted, in wetlands and swales so it could be reclaimed and used in agriculture.
Founder and Chief Executive, Planet Forward
With all the political gridlock in Washington, D.C. it's easy to imagine the entire country is suffering from a similar lockdown. However, municipalities across the country are moving ahead in America's clean energy discussion. Here's how.
You might be surprised to learn that great ideas are coming out of Milwaukee's Sewage District, but their sustainability programs are so innovative, they're attracting new workers who want to jump on board. Learn why
Explorer and friend of Planet Forward's, Robert Swan, travels to the mouth of the Ganges River to see--first hand--the state of the glacier that supplies water for 400 million people. How can we help solve this looming crisis? Watch
Mike Wallace, the Director of the GRI office in the U.S., explains what the G4 guidelines are, "the most widely used sustainability reporting framework in the world", and what GRI is doing to develop these guidelines.
The George Washington University
Vietnam is one of the 10 countries considered most vulnerable to climate change. How are the people there coping with the changes? PISA, Partnerships for International Strategies in Asia, visits a rice growing community to discover what adaptation... Read More
Planet Forward
Here’s a puzzler.  Right at the time of day when some kids are most likely to get into trouble, most schools close the door and turn off the lights.  Seems silly, doesn’t it?  That disconnect, along with a slew of other good reasons, has helped give... Read More
At the annual Greenbuild Conference Expo in Toronto, the Center for Green Schools and United Technologies Corp. held a press conference to announce findings from a new independent study conducted on green schools, as well as initiatives the Center... Read More
Taking your own recyclable cloth bag to the mall isn’t going to help you go green the whole way. Sure, it will save the cost, use and disposal of one plastic bag. Once you’ve gone past the easy ways to recycle, what other plans can you make to... Read More
Can beauty save the rainforest? Susan Arnot of Avon talks about their programs to stop deforestation using less paper and educating out to their customers.