Green Communities

It takes a village. Or a city. Some PF Member ideas for turning whole communities green.

Meea Kang, President of the California Infill Builders Association and Principal at Domus Development discusses best practices for local governments and infill development. Infill development focuses on constructing buildings withing a built-up area... Read More
Danny Kennedy of Sungevity says that his company spends as much time working through the permitting process as they do installing solar panels. How can local governments help speed the way to solar roofs? Watch
Minnesota 2020
Two years ago when planners designed the new St. Paul Fire Department headquarters, they were thinking with sustainability in mind. The new building is LEED certified for energy efficiency and has a designated roof space for a garden and native... Read More
Stuart Cohen of TransForm thinks California can improve transit with some simple policy solutions, like giving buses their own lanes. What do you think? Are you willing to share the road? Watch
Glenn Beck and other Tea Party Groups have been shutting down town halls and disrupting local plans for energy efficiency programs around the country. Why? Find out.
Planet Forward
A key issue for scaling up solar is where to put it: on every home or in huge arrays on the desert?
Green Treks
Better communication is helping communities become more resilient to disasters. The Susquehanna River Basin provides water to 700,000 people, including Philadelphians. See how their government is keeping watch. Watch
National Science Foundation
New measurements of the NSF-funded Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Ariz., show that sky brightness has remained remarkably constant over the past 20 years, despite the area's rapid population growth. The study demonstrates that with a... Read More
The George Washington University
Efficiency starts with being informed about your energy use. These developers created smart meters, a device that allows consumers to know exactly how much energy they are using and where this energy is being used.
By Miranda C. Spencer, The Daily Climate Cross-posted from Climate Central.