Green Communities

It takes a village. Or a city. Some PF Member ideas for turning whole communities green.

A woman stands between rows of cultivated plants, wearing a large straw hat and a grey hoodie, smiling at the camera.

(Courtesy of Candace Clark)

Planet Forward Correspondent | George Washington University
Hannah Krantz and Aleena Fayaz speak to Candace Clark, a Ph.D. candidate at Tuskegee University, in this high-spirited podcast that discusses the importance of black voices in climate solutions, sustainable housing, and much more. 
A bee is perched on a light purple flower with a green stem.

(Hillsboro Parks & Recreation/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry
In this podcast, I speak with two environmental researchers about their collaborative efforts to become members of the Bee Campus USA program.
A small blonde dong sniffs a flower in the garden.

(Kassidy Usry)

University of Georgia
In Grandma’s garden. Hot tea, flowers, and squirrels. Cardinals and cats too. Come visit with me.
The author as a young girl, standing in an orchard at her grandparents' farm.

A picture of me from when I was younger, standing in an orchard on my grandparents' farm. (Lei Zhi Kun)

University of Georgia
Floating back in time–to a village in China. Grandma’s village.
Garden bed with green sprouts covered by a dome of plastic sheeting.

A hoop house composed with plastic sheeting and tubes provides cover for a raised garden in Washington, DC. (Lance Cheung/USDA (Public Domain Mark 1.0))

University of Maryland
University of Maryland international Ph.D. student Krisztina Christmon launched her award-winning idea of repurposing farm plastic as part of a university innovation challenge in 2020. One year later, she serves as CEO of Repurpose Farm Plastic LLC.
Columbia University
Approximately 5.5 million people ride the New York City subway everyday making subway cars prime real estate for advertising and public service announcements –– like these about the benefits of street trees.
Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | New York University
Learn more about Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) and their impact in Ghana and on the international stage, from the perspective of GAYO Project Coordinator Betty Osse Bonsu.
A green sign reads "Ruelle verte" or green alley over a wooden pagado.

The sign on the wooden arch reads "Ruelle verte" or "green alley." (Clarice Knelly/SUNY-Plattsburgh).

Planet Forward Correspondent | SUNY-Plattsburgh
William Borque said the alleyways that surrounded Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie's community garden in Montreal used to be a “wasteland.” Now, they’re brimming with fruit trees, mushroom gardens and local art.
George Washington University
Marine scientists are using information collected by everyday people to monitor sharks in the face of climate change.

When people walk down the street, rarely do they ponder the subsurface infrastructure beneath their feet — including hidden waterways. (Yeshi Kangrang/Unsplash)

Franklin & Marshall College
When people walk down the street, rarely do they ponder the subsurface infrastructure beneath their feet. In recent years, there has been a trend to uncover these rivers — a process known as daylighting.