Eat better, smarter. Grow cleaner, more sustainable food. Great bumper stickers, but how do you do it? PF members offer their solutions on how use science and good practice to feed ourselves more sustainably.

by Miranda Green and Andrea Vittorio The George Washington University group GroW has started a community garden on campus. The result: good food, local honey and a few dirty hands!
Bananas from Ecuador — 2,700 miles. Grapes from Chile — 5,000 miles. Apples from New Zealand — 8,600 miles. Buying food from in the U.S. often resembles a frequent flier mile stat sheet. These miles mean wasted energy and detrimental impact to the... Read More
Fall-out from the housing market bubble isn’t just affecting the suburbs of major metropolitan areas. Rural communities throughout the Rocky Mountain west are suffering too. Teton County Idaho with a population of fewer than 10,000 now has an... Read More
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Most of the talk about climate change centers on fossil fuel emissions. But one new documentary, which debuted on BBC World, is all about ecosystems and how they absorb. The documentary is called "Hope in a Changing Climate," and it follows John D.... Read More
Iowa's next Secretary of Agriculture Francis Thicke explains his vision for independent energy for Iowa farms
Planet Forward
On Thursday Portland General Electric Co. (PGE) announced plans to purchase development rights to the
Solar Tree Foundation -
I'm an artist, who works in the medium of solar voltaic materials. This video shows my concept for a "solar tree", as well as actual solar art I've produced to both inspire and produce energy!
The Colorado River and its tributaries sustain nearly 30 million people across seven states and Mexico. It is the most controlled river in the world and has created fertile land and large cities where there was once desert. Agriculture, wildlife,... Read More
With gold medal trout fishing, beneath shear granite cliffs, whitewater, wildlife and spectacular vistas, Gunnison Gorge exists as it has for millennia. Unlike like it’s neighbor to the east, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Gunnison... Read More
United States Forest Service
The American Chestnut tree was once the dominate "sequoia" of the Eastern US. But, tragically, the great tree succumbed to a fungus (or blight) that wiped out 99.9 percent of them. Billions of these giants were gone from the landscape in less than... Read More