What is cuter than little kids working in a garden? Students at the University of South Florida are including their entire community in their attempt to be more environmentally friendly. One part of their project is educating children about... Read More
Minnesota 2020
How can communities take advantage of local resources to produce enough energy to meet their needs? This research program from the University of Minnesota is trying to find out.
National Science Foundation
A multinational research team is developing biochars--fine-grained, highly porous charcoal that helps soils retain nutrients and water.
National Science Foundation
A team of engineers and scientists at North Carolina State University has developed a new method for harvesting marine algae. By applying an electric charge they change the chemistry of the algae cell boundary and cause cells to clump together.... Read More
I have invented a way to lower to cost of installing the wiring for intelligent irrigation systems. Currently, the wire pair is run separately from the plastic irrigation pipe. I propose to embed the wire pair in the plastic pipe. This should lower... Read More
All around you see farmlands up for sale. What one usually will see are warehouse buildings taking their places. Why do you need to see a giant square building? It is not usually an amazing looking building. Just a big rectangle. So why not build... Read More
Clarkson University
According to these students at Clarkson University in New York state, unless you are located on the coast of California, it is nearly impossible to grow food year-round. They say they’ve created a unique greenhouse system that allows for year-round... Read More
These sisters from Lincoln, Nebraska hope to take their family farm completely off the grid. By installing solar panels and wind turbines, they want to create a self-sustaining farm that uses less electricity so they reduce their environmental... Read More
National Science Foundation
Climate trends in the northeastern U.S. show that in the past 40 years, winter has lost seven days every decade and the growing season has expanded by nearly four days each decade. Researchers are figuring out how these changes will impact farmers,... Read More
Many people give up on growing their own vegetables at home because pests ruin their crops. People would rather buy vegetables from the store than deal with pests eating their plants or use harsh chemicals to get rid of them. We searched for an... Read More