Food Waste

The George Washington University, Spring 2016 Video Intern
Thoughtful consumers across the country have made the switch from factory-farmed beef to organic options, in an attempt to be less cruel and more sustainable. But is grass-fed the answer?
Planet Forward, The George Washington University
Climate-KIC (Knowledge & Innovation Community), Europe’s main climate innovation initiative, recently hosted “hackathons” simultaneously in 16 cities around the world. D.C.'s event was at GW.
American University
Sometimes good food falls through the cracks and becomes waste. These guys catch it, and turn it into a community service.
American University
When discussing food production in America, a lot of images come to mind. Giant piles of waste aren't one of them - but they should be.
Food Waste
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
We produce enough food to feed ourselves, but a ton of it never reaches our tables.
Next time you throw food away, think twice. Globally, we waste a third of the food that is produced for human consumption.