Featured Global Journalists

Our Planet Forward Featured Global Journalists are members of the world journalism community who are highly regarded reporters in their countries and regions. We're sharing their work here to help broaden your perspective and knowledge of environmental issues facing people around the world.

2021 Planet Forward Summit host Frank Sesno in conversation with NBC’s Today Show weatherman Al Roker.

George Washington University
Here are five methods to make climate change more relevant to your audience from the guest speakers at the 2021 Planet Forward Summit.

(Deepti Bansal Gage/George Washington University)

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | GW Law School
Environmentalism is a relatively recent concept in the Western world, creating challenges when confronting our growing environmental issues. Looking to other, non-western cultures and leaders, may help develop enduring solutions.

Rising tides in Florida threaten the safety and security of coastal residents (Ryan Loughlin/Upsplash.com)

Florida International University
Florida is in trouble. In the wake of overpopulation, mass flooding and indifference from the powers that be, we're asking all of you to hear our desperate S.O.S call.
Citi FM
Ghana has been unsuccessfully battling with illegal gold miners for years. But the situation has escalated and we are seeing the biggest negative impact yet.