If it gets built, there's an engineer involved somewhere. Check out some ideas on engineering the things we use everyday to be cleaner and more efficient.

Minnesota 2020
The sun was bright, the wind steady at the 20th annual Solar Boat Regatta put on by the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society. The event challenged teams of teens to design, engineer, and race motorized boats using photovoltaic power. Courses... Read More
I have an idea for a new kind of hybrid car that uses the same parts but eliminates low gears (first and second shifts) in any transmissions found in today's hybrid cars. I noticed that hybrid cars still use first and second gears, something which... Read More
Next week on Bloomberg West, we'll be featuring an idea straight out of the Terminator movie seri--er, Michigan State University, rather. In all seriousness, the MSU students and faculty have developed robotic fish that can track water quality and... Read More
National Geographic and Planet Forward
By Raymond Orbach
When it comes to automotive innovation, you may not think about the interior of your car. These Ford researchers have, however, incorporating recycled materials into their cushions, fabrics, and liners. Is that suede? Or just plastic bottles?
I have developed a turbine for use in high flow areas of tide and current. The design has almost limitless torque and only 3 moving parts. It can be deployed in shallow water with as little as 6ft of water, in areas that even loose water completely... Read More
The Prosperity Energy Storage Project in New Mexico allows for efficient generation, distribution, and storage of solar energy. The solar facility stores excess energy and then distributes it through a smart grid when demand is higher, like when it... Read More
Rocky Research develops thermal and energy management design innovations for the defense industry. Trey McKay describes the Intelligent Thermostat, which is a combination thermostat - humidistat designed for use in environments encountered aboard... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Eolos is the Ancient Greek god of wind and the namesake for a new wind power research station at the University of Minnesota's UMore Park in Rosemount. Launched in 2010 with grants from the Recovery Act and the US Department of Energy, the station... Read More
National Science Foundation
Hong-Cai Zhou's team at Texas A&M University has developed many unique porous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for hydrogen and methane storage. MOFs are especially designed porous materials that can hold large amounts of gases, some at levels... Read More