If it gets built, there's an engineer involved somewhere. Check out some ideas on engineering the things we use everyday to be cleaner and more efficient.

My idea has to do with using ocean currents to power homes, industrial buildings and much more. By putting tubines in the ocean where jet streams are prevelant, we can use that energy to power many things. Inside the turbines would be big bar... Read More
FlexEnergy manufactures technology that resolves methane gas pollution and the need for renewable energy. And it does so with two technologies. The Flex Powerstation produces electricity from the widest range of fuels down to as low as 5% methane.... Read More
Quality Resource Technologies
One of the largest modes of transporting goods has been steel shipping containers. They have a dead weight that must be added to the transportation and costs, they also must be transported empty using huge amounts of fossil fuels adding to the... Read More
The twin Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach combine for the World's 5th largest container shipping trade gateway. Approximately 16 million Twenty-foot equivalent container units (TEUs) pass in and out of these ports each year. It is estimated by... Read More
This team of researchers says that the United States’ large energy grid will not be able to handle an influx of new technology, like electric vehicles. They are developing ways for the grid to not only be able to provide EVs with electricity, but... Read More
Cleaning Up the World's Dirty Water
Cleaning Up the World's Dirty Water
Planet Forward
Researchers at Drexel University are trying to lower cement’s carbon footprint by using technology of the past to build sidewalks the future.
The average person tends to know what plastic drip tape and soaker hoses are, but what is plastic mulch? In China alone, the equivalent area of South Carolina is covered with this fossil fuel based plastic sheet mulch every year and then the plastic... Read More
Minnesota 2020
In Minnesota, they know how cold it can get, so they’re looking for innovative ways to stay warm. School officials are going deep into the ground to harness geothermal energy, which is then used to create a warmer environment for students.
Fountain Head-II Cleantech India Pvt Ltd
Businesses all over, in every country are in flux. The fine tuning between economic growth with the least environmental damage, while maintaining the modern life-style is challenging to say the least. But it is precisely during these challenging... Read More
We have generators that are attached to the side of either a moving or stationary boat that recharges batteries for the use of electrical motors or any electrical needs aboard the boat. This would allow the reduction for the need of hydrocarbon... Read More