If it gets built, there's an engineer involved somewhere. Check out some ideas on engineering the things we use everyday to be cleaner and more efficient.

Citizen at large
Place a geostationary microwave station in orbit and broadcast to a set of Bloom Boxes placed around the countryside. If one location is clouded over, broadcast to another location. These microwaves could also power a spacecraft (space elevator).... Read More
RCP, Inc.
I am often asked if converting US cars to battery power would result in a net reduction of CO2 emissions. After all the electricity needed to recharge tomorrow's vehicle batteries will be generated at power plants which themselves have a carbon... Read More
REACT (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams)
My idea is a new type of water heater thermostat. It would be similar to a furnace thermostat except FULLY programmable. I call it the Water Heater Energy Saver (WHES). Basic features would be: 1. Connects with water heater, and is user programmable... Read More
George Washington University-School of Media and Public Affairs
What's up? That's a question I often find myself wondering when researching solar power since most solar systems inhabit on rooftops. Look high and low, solar can be found in strange places from solar backpacks to solar-powered ambulances.
The Automobile Industry Meets the 18th Century Although the idea of interchangeable parts is often credited to Eli Whitney in the late 18th century, some credit 15th century Gutenberg. Maybe the idea will hit Detroit sometime in the 21st century,... Read More
USA Green Energy Group, LLC CONFIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The date of this Executive Summary is June 21, 2010 OVERVIEW
Planet Forward
Planet Forward hosted a LIVE event during the White House's GreenGov Symposium, a conference focused on making all levels of government more sustainable. In this segment, Sandia National Laboratories shows the potential of how a little change can go... Read More
Planet Forward
The World Energy Congress is where the big multinationals present their newest energy innovations. At this year's event in Montreal, international companies wanted to show off their renewable investments. But is it all just a dance on the convention... Read More
Planet Forward
There may be a solution the large amounts of contaminated soil present on the earth's surface. WI Environmental has created XR-88, which " treats and turns heavy metals and poisons inert, making them harmless to the environment for safe, easy... Read More
A tidal turbine is up and running on the edge of New York Harbor , the first of what its creator) hopes will be hundreds that would generate electricity from the farthest tip of Long Island to New Jersey's Point Pleasant Beach.