If it gets built, there's an engineer involved somewhere. Check out some ideas on engineering the things we use everyday to be cleaner and more efficient.

The Pennsylvania State University
A new cost-effective polymer membrane can decrease the cost of alkaline batteries and fuel cells by allowing the replacement of expensive platinum catalysts without sacrificing important aspects of performance, according to Penn State researchers.
ARES CEO James Kelly discussing ARES Technology
ARES CEO James Kelly discussing ARES Technology
Advanced Reil Energy Storage
  Grid Scale Energy Storage   ARES energy storage technology employs a fleet of electric traction drive shuttle-trains, operating on a closed low-friction automated steel rail network to transport a field of heavy masses between two storage yards at... Read More
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Chef Spike Mendelsohn hosts a showcase of innovations in sustainable food production and security, including 3D printed food, cricket flour and mobile technology for smallholder farms in the developing world.
What if you had to boil your milk every time you wanted a bowl of cereal? That's the reality in some parts of India, but MIT scientists have a cool idea that is changing the situtation.
Planet Forward, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
On the battlefield, fuel is essential - but it's dangerous to transport it. One Navy Seal may have found a way to reduce fuel use with a new battery system called FlexGen.
As a power agnostic hybrid electric vehicle. Street legal as a NEV globally, part mobile power station part human-electric generator. Also the highest output human electric generator in the world currently. Currently a global phenomenon with... Read More
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Take a look at a new process from OnTo technologies that could potentially rejuvenate and reuse the batteries we rely on every day, cutting both the cost of recycling and one of the biggest components of electronics waste.
Minnesota 2020
We have an opportunity for energy utilities to diversify, from just generating and selling power to being a comprehensive energy services and management provider. Companies like Xcel are already catching on, but as demands change, as renewables... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Heating water eats up a lot of energy. In Minnesota, the colder climate puts even more demand on hot water systems. However, the state's potential for solar energy can help offset that negative. Recently, Ramsey County's Law Enforcement Center... Read More
An illustrated exploration of Iceland's energy consumption, and the underlying reasons for the country's high level of energy use. Energy Technology & Policy Spring 2013, Dr. Michael Webber, UT Austin.