If it gets built, there's an engineer involved somewhere. Check out some ideas on engineering the things we use everyday to be cleaner and more efficient.

National Science Foundation
The University of Minnesota's Center for Distributed Robotics is developing an amphibious robotic system, the Aquapod, to monitor the impact of oil on swamps and marshland. Robust, highly mobile amphibious robots have the potential to assist... Read More
SCIArc & Caltech
What will the homes of the future look like? How will we live in them and how will they occupy space and use precious resources? CHIP has a vision, watch and see how it works!
Much like a dancer, the PerFORM(D)ance House relies heavily on its core to generate power. How does this help the house "move?" Watch the video to find out more!
Every year, I spend countless hours putting those plastic sheets over my windows for insulation. The bigger the window, the bigger the pane in the glass, the more time I spend and the more energy I lose to the winter. We often neglect insulation... Read More
Imagine a house where everything could be controlled by the touch of a button. Team New Jersey goes behind the scenes of the Generation House's smart home features to explain just how simple solar living can be and the engineering mechanics behind... Read More
SCIArc & Caltech
All mechanical systems in our house design have been selected to optimize the tradeoff between energy savings and cost of added photovoltaic (PV) energy generation. The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and DHW (domestic hot water)... Read More
SCIArc & Caltech
CHIP'S Architectural concept is driven by the two sides of the net zero equation: energy production and energy consumption. Watch to find out how Team California makes the two sides meet!
Summer is a great time to gather some friends and go for a bike ride. This bicycle uses energy from the sun to help riders climb the steepest hills with very little effort!
Fibersteel Corporation.
Magma occurs all over the world in and under the continents and oceans and erupts into the oceans and out of the mountains. It is still active after eons of time indicating a central heating system that for our purposes will continue to supply... Read More
Having hot water in your home sure is nice, but it requires a lot of energy! This PF innovator shows a new way to heat water using energy from the sun. These solar panels are different than traditional photovoltaic cells--they are designed... Read More