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From UC Berkley Professor of Renewable Energy Dan Kammen
Planet Forward
Bill McKibben of Middlebury College gives his take on our climate future
Planet Forward
Here on Planet Forward the virtues of wind energy have been extolled in a Texas town, the future of wind has been explored with NREL, and you can watch a wind turbine getting built in Rhode Island. We’re infatuated with wind.
Cleveland, Ohio, has the opportunity to build the world's first fresh water wind farm, offshore on Lake Erie.
Planet Forward
A recent article in the Seattle PI states that a proposed solar power plant near Cle Elum in eastern Washington is suffering some significant setbacks.
It looks like Gates is "all in" so to speak with respect to climate change. He has substantial investments in a new type of nuclear technology (that people on this website have been ranting about for about a year). Read More
Update: 3 Options to launch Energy Beam Satellites "cheaper" than the cost for a new rocket for each new satellite!
Spent Nuclear Fuel from US Light Water Reactors still has enormous energy value; only 3% of the Uranium in typical fuel rods is actually burned. The remainder of the fuel rod ~ 96% is disposed of as "waste" but is in fact perfectly usable fuel in... Read More
As nifty and available as "new" nuclear may be, it will always have "indefinitely radioactive" fuel rods left over, always have potentially catastrophic meltdown consequences, a "bulls eye" for terrorists, huge capital investment expense, and at... Read More