Spent Nuclear Fuel from US Light Water Reactors still has enormous energy value; only 3% of the Uranium in typical fuel rods is actually burned. The remainder of the fuel rod ~ 96% is disposed of as "waste" but is in fact perfectly usable fuel in... Read More
As nifty and available as "new" nuclear may be, it will always have "indefinitely radioactive" fuel rods left over, always have potentially catastrophic meltdown consequences, a "bulls eye" for terrorists, huge capital investment expense, and at... Read More
By: Elizabeth Cherneff How do we harness ideas for sustainable initiatives and turn them into realities on an urban campus like George Washington University’s? To start, just ask the students, staff and faculty who reside here.
Planet Forward
A look at a home energy audit done with Troy Tanner of the Home Energy Detective, Inc.
Ever wondered how much energy you consume? How about the amount of energy you can produce? And what is a Watt anyway? The average American consumes about 10,000 Watts of energy at any given moment. Given the fact that a human can produce about 100... Read More
For this project we followed Thomas Hand from Hand Energy Service as he weatherized a restored Vermont farm house. Weatherization follows an energy audit in a two step process that can help to make your home more energy efficient. By identifying... Read More