Nuclear power, many argue, is the best way to transition away from fossil fuels in the short term. Yet in the wake of Japan's emergency evacuation when a nuclear plant's cooling system shut down, we ask, is nuclear really a solution? This piece... Read More
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A reader of EarthTalk posed an interesting question a few weeks back - does the expansion of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles mean an increased reliance on coal?
In this week's video NWF Climate Capsule: More confirmation the 2000s were the hottest decade on record, what's next for vehicle carbon pollution regulations, the Earth Day Revolution is ramping up & down on the farm with Dirty the Global... Read More
In the coming days in Washington D.C. researchers are likely to discuss the prospects of funding over half-a-billion three-dollar stoves, across the globe. The plan entails installation of clean stoves, which will help reduce the harmful carbon... Read More
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This town in Oregon began using geothermal energy nearly two decades ago because "it just made sense." Even though the technology is still expensive, towns are able to supplement their energy use and save money. They serve as an example of how... Read More
Hello! My name is Chloe Maxmin from the Climate Action Club. We are a student-run at Lincoln Academy in Maine. We have galvanized a green movement in our school and community by providing opportunities for direct action in the fight against global... Read More
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Slate writer Daniel Gross is a pretty lucky guy. He’s using the wisdom of the crowd to help him reduce this energy use in his home. It’s part of a larger project by Slate called The Hive, which is using the collective wisdom of their readers to come... Read More
In an effort to reduce the harmful emissions and wasted fuel from idling trucks and buses, Clean Air Council has developed an innovative new tool – IdleFreePhilly - that allows Philadelphians to report when and where they witness illegal idling. By... Read More
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Planet Forward host, Frank Sesno, talks with George Washington University business professor and Planet Forward member, Mark Starik, about what businesses can and should do to reduce their carbon footprint.
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We feature a piece produced out of Roger Williams University showing how Portsmouth, RI is trying to reduce its carbon footprint (and municipal expenses) through an investment in wind energy.