A Congressional briefing on capturing and using renewable biogas from urban and agricultural waste streams to help address our nation’s climate, energy, and resource management challenges.
A Congressional briefing on he public health implications associated with different energy sources and technologies, hosted by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute
From ocean to ozone: Earth's nine life-support systems By Fred Pearce
To be able to commercilize BEV's and PHEV's at the 20 M level within five years as called for on this web site, solar charging in public venues will be required. Otherwise, the utility industry's current occassional offering of 'reduced rates for EV... Read More
Planet Forward
Planet Forward host Frank Sesno talks with Commissioner Mark Spitzer, of the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission about how the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may finally lead to commercialization of plug-in hybrids.
Members of Congress speaking about renewable energy and energy efficiency at a May 27, 2010 event on Capitol Hill. More information is available at
Planet Forward
At our April 20 event, Planet Forward host, Frank Sesno, screened a video for the audience and our panel, and then we asked our panel what they thought of the ideas brought forward in the video. See the video and then watch their response...which... Read More