Planet Forward
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar just announced his decision to approve the construction of Cape Wind, the long disputed wind farm off Nantucket. It will be the Nation's first off-shore wind farm. Below is the statement of Rep. Markey, chair of the... Read More
I see a lot of green ideas about producing energy, but why bother if people just waste it ? I live in a very open area in Colorado and can see yardlights that are over 20 miles away. This is because these antique fixtures, send light out sideways... Read More
Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies (CAPS) has been taking its environmental research on the road with its Mobile Lab.
In this week's NWF Climate Capsule, a record-breaking March, a new push for Senate climate action, Earth Day's 40th anniversary & Dirty faces down the "Green Goon Squad."
Planet Forward
Cedar Grove Composting, a company in Seattle, has announced a plan to generate energy from methane they plan produce when composting yard and food waste. This methane will come in the form of an anaerobic digester, which they plan to have operating... Read More
DOE EIA figures indicate that approximately 85% of US energy production and economic activity in the USA is currently driven by burning fossil fuels. Pricing up the cost of carbon and making coal, oil, and natural gas more expensive will have... Read More
via Energy Boom For the first time in its ten year history, the Gallup poll has revealed that Americans believe energy production should be prioritized over environmental protection.
In this week's NWF Climate Capsule, how global warming could lead to stronger poison ivy, another landmark event now planned for the week of Earth Day & talking drilling with Dirty the Global Warming Denier Sock Puppet.
Nuclear power, many argue, is the best way to transition away from fossil fuels in the short term. Yet in the wake of Japan's emergency evacuation when a nuclear plant's cooling system shut down, we ask, is nuclear really a solution? This piece... Read More