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Sustainability leaders from UPS, the Hitachi Foundation and Verizon discussed how their businesses are reducing their carbon footprint while adding green to their revenues at the New Green Economy Conference on January 22 in Washington, D.C. UPS... Read More
During the New Green Economy Conference 2 blocks from the White House in Washington D.C., academics and economists presented new developments on how to reduce your carbon footprint. From planting trees to riding a bike, there are many ways citizens... Read More
Research and development is essential to making progress in the fields of environmental protection and sustainable energy. During the New Green Economy Technological innovation symposium Friday January 22nd, Dr. Brian Czech, president of the Center... Read More
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The message was clear: the future of urban development and climate change is in the hands of my generation. This morning I attended NCSE’s annual New Green Economy conference, specifically the “Green Building, Green Jobs” symposium. Some of the most... Read More
Kate Tobin, Assistant Manager of Transportation and Parking at Roger Williams University, discusses how the University is making an effort to go "green" with the addition of an environmentally friendly GEM car on campus.
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David Mooney from the National Renewable Energy Lab talks about energy security
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From the Policy Greenhouse at the George Washington University on July 10, 2009
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Part 3 of a 3 part seriesSee Part 1: Van Jones on Community Solar and Wind EnergySee Part 2: Van Jones on What Individuals Can Do to Increase Efficiency