Can you really "do more with less?" Sure thing. PF Members tell you how here.

All brands of rechargeable trimmers have a battery life issue because they need to remain lightweight. Over time the charge controller board does not allow f...
Vegawatt provides restaurants with the technology to recycle their cooking oil and convert it into electricity and heat for the ENTIRE restaurant.
A couple of days ago I came across an article in the Financial Times that said that China surpassed the U.S. in energy consumption for the first time in 2009. However, while on the surface that news is cause to celebrate since we're not the national... Read More
iDream Advisory Services Pvt Ltd is an architectural and interior designing firm with a strong commitment to building sustainable built environments. The firm has delivered green solutions to organisations across all corners of India. For more... Read More
See how landfills across the country are using gas that is normally burned off in landfills, which endangers the environment, and instead converting it into energy. You'll see that waste really isn't a waste afterall.
You can stop the OIL addiction that causes the USA to import 60% of the OIL we burn each day. This cost us over 1 Billion dollar each day and creates pollution at the same time which is killing us. This affects our economy, environment and security.
The water is always cold in the morning. Any idea how much water each shower wastes waiting for the water to warm? About 1,500 gallons. That water has to be pumped to the water works from a river, lake or wells, purified and then pumped to your home... Read More
Planet Forward
Planet Forward is kicking off our conversation on energy efficiency. View what others are doing to change how we use or generate energy and then submit your own innovation.
Biodiesel made from waste fats can drive diesel trucks and generators -- without requiring any kind of retrofitting.
With the popularity of LeBron James' televised special announcing his choice of a new team, we decided to use the same format to put Dirty the Global Warming Denying Sock Puppet on the spot.