Can you really "do more with less?" Sure thing. PF Members tell you how here.

Placing one or more unobtrusive small wind generating devices on the roof of a garage or any building to turn only when there is wind power to compress air to be used later seems reasonable to me. Air compressors are common in garages where... Read More
Utilize the current of moving water to generate electricity. By placing water powered electric generators in the main currents of water ways electric generators can produce power to generate batteries for electric cars and other use. To make the... Read More
Place small wind electric producing generators for such minor needs such as charging batteries for electric vehicles and use in homes.
Electric Refrigerators, at least in suitable climes, should be vented outside in warm weather and use cold air from the outside in cold weather. To have refrigerator compressors laboring in extracting cold air from air we have paid to heat when the... Read More
Experts speaking on Capitol Hill about the value of energy efficient housing, and how federal policy can promote more efficient buildings -- and therefore reduce fossil fuel emissions and make housing more affordable for families across America. How... Read More
What can spider monkeys, peacocks, ostriches & sheep tell us about global warming & the climate debate on Capitol Hill?
Experts spoke at a July 22, 2010 event on Capitol Hill on petroleum and potential strategies to reduce U.S. oil use. According to numerous studies, and as illustrated by the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the costs and risks of... Read More
Verdant Power is turning Manhattan's East River into a testing ground for a hydro electricity project that could show the world that you don't need dams or raging rivers to create an urban source of hydro power. The company uses underwater turbines... Read More
Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Beth Osborne of the U.S. Department of Transportation, and other experts speaking at a July 22, 2010 event on Capitol Hill. Can we reduce our oil imports so we are not vulnerable to price spikes on the global market?... Read More
Well, I guess the Department of Interior can't be TOO mad at BP. They destroy the Gulf and what does our brilliant government do? Reward them with tax breaks to build an environmentally unfriendly wind farm. More here: [Federal Register: July 26,... Read More