Can you really "do more with less?" Sure thing. PF Members tell you how here.

The fact that the world has been dependent on oil for energy in the past years has created various environmental problems worldwide particularly the increased of carbon emissions. To help in solving these environmental concerns, Spectrum Blue Steel... Read More
Solar Tree Foundation - www.solartree.org
I'm an artist, who works in the medium of solar voltaic materials. This video shows my concept for a "solar tree", as well as actual solar art I've produced to both inspire and produce energy!
This Rabbit may run on grease, but it sure is quick! Meet the Greasecar VW Rabbit TDI, which runs on recycled vegetable oil and competes in rallycross events. While converting grease to fuel hasn't gone mainstream yet, plenty of everyday drivers as... Read More
Planet Forward
On the one hand, it's a positive sign for renewable fans... a small family business making a go of it in solar and wind power. This Long Island family has been installing small-scale solar and wind energy packages in back yards, reducing homeowner’s... Read More
Planet Forward
EnerG2, a Seattle-based company has just opened a new plant in Albany, Oregon. The goal? Creating high-tech batteries to be used in ultracapacitators. These new batteries are aiming to be both more efficient and longer-lasting. The end goal is to... Read More
Unless a miracle happens and Power Companies and Utilities have a Revelation? Our Pursuit to Clean Our World will Always be as a handicapped victim. We have abundant geothermal resources throughout the West. Isolated by lack of a National Grid to... Read More
Enel, First Wind, Razer are elevating the bar with anticipateD Geothermal, Wind, Solar and Algae in South Central Utah. The Three Counties of Beaver, Iron and Millard are considered the Alternative Energy Cooridor of Utah. Enel is Deep Drilling to... Read More
It's time to do something electric with all that wasted roof space in cities like Manhattan. The latest in PV and solar thermal technology could lower New York's massive carbon footprint.
Critical facts remain missing from the renewable energy debate; how to replace the high density power stations that use nuclear, natural gas, and coal with the low density and scattered renewable sources of electricity such as wind, solar and... Read More