Can you really "do more with less?" Sure thing. PF Members tell you how here.

A very thought-provoking article...we wring our hands and (sometimes) open our wallets to make small changes that (we hope) will make a difference. Here is a topic that is by every measure a global approach...and yet I recall Einstein's quote (... Read More
Find out what people know about recycling and energy
As one of the finalists for the 2010 GreenGov Presidential Awards, here is our video that we would like submit. This shares with the audience GSA's Green Innovative idea.
Hey! I found this online and thought it'd be great to share, since it's a creative initiative on how to reduce carbon footprint. IThe project, called Onne Tonne Life, is an experiment sponsored by Volvo Cars, housing builders A-hus, and energy... Read More
Experts speaking on Capitol Hill about how district energy systems can tap into local renewable thermal resources and waste heat to reduce our use of fossil fuels, and proposed legislation to encourage the implementation of thermal energy... Read More
Rehabilitation of 1906 brick warehouse by the U.S. General Services Administration. This is Utah's first LEED-certified building to quality for federal historic preservation tax credits.
It’s a green energy dream. The sun shines all day and the wind blows constantly. But alternative energy is the last thing you might expect, here in Afghanistan’s war-torn Panjshir Valley. Yet after three decades of violence tragedy and destruction,... Read More
Real stimulus, balancing the budget at little cost. Balancing the budget, energy independence, fighting terror, corporate welfare at little cost is something we not only can but have to do. Especially because they have the same cause, corporate... Read More
A tidal turbine is up and running on the edge of New York Harbor , the first of what its creator) hopes will be hundreds that would generate electricity from the farthest tip of Long Island to New Jersey's Point Pleasant Beach.