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Planet Forward
Catch Secretary Steven Chu's solar panel announcement and his presentation at the White House's GreenGov Symposium. Also hear from Secretary Tom Vilsack and Janine Benyus (starting at 1:06), natural science writer and bio-mimicry innovation... Read More
Planet Forward
Planet Forward was proud to play a part in the White House's GreenGov Symposium, held at The George Washington University. More than 1,000 people gathered at GreenGov to discuss how to make the U.S government more sustainable.  Frank Sesno moderates... Read More
When can you find the meaning of life while conducting an energy audit? When you spend a day with Pascal Maslin of Washington, DC.
Lighten Your Load Events: Forest Service employees were asked to unplug and properly surplus unused government equipment in an effort to reduce the agency's footprint.
President of Environmental Cost Efficiencies, Inc., Mandy Lippman discusses ways to reduce carbon footprint through alternate ways of trash collection.
Planet Forward
Planet Forward hosted a LIVE event during the White House's GreenGov Symposium, a conference focused on making all levels of government more sustainable. PF Host Frank Sesno led a great discussion between the esteemed panel (Laura Ipsen of Cisco... Read More
Think turning down the AC is the only way to decrease energy use for heating and cooling in your home? Think again. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for 56% of the energy usage in your home. You can change this. You... Read More
Despite all the green washing out there (and there is lots of it, lets be clear), corn-based ethanol is far from a panacea in terms of reducing America's dependence on imported oil, dependency on fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gases and... Read More
Going to the gym and using a treadmill is part of many people’s daily routines. Most focus on the results they will get after their exercise, but many don’t realize the amount of electricity they are using to get to their goal weight. However, with... Read More
George Washington University
Want to shrink your waistline while shrinking your carbon footprint? To capitalize on your calorie-burning workouts, fitness centers worldwide are now harnessing human power to generate electricity for exercise equipment. Green machines capture the... Read More