Can you really "do more with less?" Sure thing. PF Members tell you how here.

Former member of the Cleveland Electric Vehicle Association
Sailboats have been around forever, even when man thought the Earth was flat...So its time to update this Old Technology. My idea is to replace the sails with a Vertical Wind Generator. Not only would you eliminate all the work fooling with the... Read More
Do you know where your electricity comes from? Have you ever wanted to visit the source? The electricity for John Fischer's company Sticker Giant, comes from 100% wind power via Xcel Energy. John wanted to see where his power was generated, so he... Read More
REACT (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams)
My idea is a new type of water heater thermostat. It would be similar to a furnace thermostat except FULLY programmable. I call it the Water Heater Energy Saver (WHES). Basic features would be: 1. Connects with water heater, and is user programmable... Read More
Planet Forward
Next week's elections might affect climate and energy conservation less than you might think. Although politico says that it will be difficult for GOP candidates to succeed unless they are climate change deniers, evidence suggests that stance may... Read More
What does it mean to be energy efficient? Well, according to the Alliance to Save Energy, all it means is doing more with less energy. It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? I figured why not show some informational videos, movements and facts about... Read More
Former member of the Cleveland Electric Vehicle Association
Motor technology has been around for 100 plus years and seems to be frozen in time! So now is the time to bring about some new technologies. AC Motors use to be built utilizing copper bars and steel laminations in their rotors. This was very labor... Read More
How does district energy improve energy efficiency for communities and allow for more opportunities to use renewable energy? Filmed at the Environmental and Energy Study Institute's September 16, 2010 briefing on Capitol Hill. More information is... Read More
Former member of the Cleveland Electric Vehicle Association
Electric Motor Technology has been around for 100 plus years...Not much has changed and it seems to be a technology frozen in time. About the only new technology that has emerged has been the Brushless DC Servo Motor. The Brushless DC motor is... Read More
USA Green Energy Group, LLC
www.usageg.com CONFIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The date of this Executive Summary is June 21, 2010 OVERVIEW