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What role does DC (direct current) power played in our society today compared to the initial years of electricity distribution? Energy Technology & Policy Spring 2013, Dr. Michael Webber, UT Austin.
An overview of cellulosic biofuels and policy action regarding them. Energy Technology & Policy Spring 2013, Dr. Michael Webber, UT Austin.
This video gives an overview of the costs and benefits of bottled water. Energy Technology & Policy Spring 2013, Dr. Michael Webber, UT Austin.
The tension between environmental impact, population and technology led scientist Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren and Barry Commoner to formulate an equation that describes the relationship between these forces, which came to be known as the IPAT... Read More
Documents the newest addition to the University of Mississippi Green Fund Energy Proposals. Composting Program. The University Green Fund introduces new projects every year to bring awareness to sustainability measures across campus. This year the... Read More
Biogenic Reagents is a producer of high-performance carbon products made from renewable resources and produced with renewable energy.  Biogenic Reagents’ specialty products include activated carbons that are used to purify air, water, food and... Read More
Using alternative energy sources for residential homes, or using tricks to save on saving energy.
Landfills use a combination of machinery that sucks methane out of trash, transports it across the landfill through pipes and then converts it to useable clean energy.
I went to the Medicinal Plant Garden located at the University of Mississippi to get a tour of their new energy-efficient building. The building has been named the greenest on campus and features multiple new additions. From the pavement to the... Read More
Vietnam is a developing country, which means there are many poor people. The cost of using fossil energy or electricity bills sometime are too high compare to their income. This is the video which shows some methods of using Green energy that is... Read More