Can you really "do more with less?" Sure thing. PF Members tell you how here.

Nobody wants to be a hoarder, but when it comes to storing renewable energy, we need all the ideas we can get!  We know how to produce a lot of different types of renewable energy, so now we just need to figure out what to do with it before we use... Read More
A Compressed, Natural Alternative at the Gas Pump
A Compressed, Natural Alternative at the Gas Pump
Coming soon to a road near you: Natural Gas Vehicles! This company is working on creating a material that will replace the need for big, natural gas tanks in vehicles, making natural gas a more viable option when fueling up your car!
Minnesota 2020
The great Minnesota get-together was mostly about bizarre foods, homegrown entertainment, and people-watching. But with growing public attention to sustainability, Minnesota State Fair's Eco-Experience exhibit drew fair goers looking for ways to... Read More
College campuses are energy guzzlers. I know because I just graduated from Indiana University. As an environmental enthusiast that is worried about the future of our planet, I don't know of a quicker, cheaper or more convenient way to avoid wasted... Read More
Sustainability in the City! This week we’re headed to the city, a place of great opportunity but also environmental dilemmas.  Cities are often criticized for high volumes of traffic and pollution, making them a difficult place to navigate and live... Read More
Urban Wheels of the Future: Why Fight Over Parking? - See mo
Urban Wheels of the Future: Why Fight Over Parking? - See mo
This week on Bloomberg West we featured City Car, a new electric car concept that makes getting around a city much easier!
Inside Pecan Street: Re-Inventing Energy Delivery
Inside Pecan Street: Re-Inventing Energy Delivery
This week we feature the Pecan Street Project, a non-profit research group that offers unprecedented insight into how much energy we use in our homes!
Background: We have work force management apps like Google coordinate which allows businesses to dispatch and track their mobile employees, be they truck, taxi drivers or pizza delivery guys, which enables the deployment of resources in a... Read More
Going Green is Always Cool at School! It's that time of year again!  Summer is coming to a close and students across the country are returning to class.  This week we focus on schools whose students are working hard to decrease energy use and... Read More
This week on Bloomberg West, we featured NuMat Technologies. They’ve developed an innovative new method that uses tiny crystals to store alternative forms of energy. Check it out!