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Innovation doesn't just happen in a beaker, some teachers are creating new ways to inspire students to learn more about climate change, and changing their own campuses in the process.

Planet Forward
Are green jobs just a "nice thing to do" or a central part to a successful business? Deborah Wince-Smith and Debra Rowe discuss jobs in sustainability at the GW Moving the Planet Forward conference on April 17, 2012.
This team of researchers says that the United States’ large energy grid will not be able to handle an influx of new technology, like electric vehicles. They are developing ways for the grid to not only be able to provide EVs with electricity, but... Read More
Center for Green Schools
By Kristin Simmons Ferguson Higher Ed Associate, Center for Green Schools
The average person tends to know what plastic drip tape and soaker hoses are, but what is plastic mulch? In China alone, the equivalent area of South Carolina is covered with this fossil fuel based plastic sheet mulch every year and then the plastic... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Some Minnesota K-12 schools emphasize environmental education on their own, yet shrinking state aid has made field trips and Environmental Learning Center visits cost-prohibitive for some districts. A federal bill, branded "No Child Left Inside",... Read More
Planet Forward
President Steven Knapp discusses sustainability on the George Washington University campus with Planet Forward creator Frank Sesno. What is the university doing, what motivated them to take action and what do they hope to achieve? And...Sesno... Read More
Minnesota 2020
In Minnesota, they know how cold it can get, so they’re looking for innovative ways to stay warm. School officials are going deep into the ground to harness geothermal energy, which is then used to create a warmer environment for students.
When our phones are about to die, what do we do? We charge the battery! But what if we had something more efficient than a battery? This research team from Northeastern University is working on a portable fuel cell that converts chemical energy... Read More
Planet Forward
Join thought-leaders from government, industry, and academics at “GW Moving the Planet Forward,” a symposium to highlight solutions to the challenges of a changing planet. The half-day conference will also highlight “Innovation Challenges” offered... Read More
This week, Planet Forward is highlighting more of the finalists in Second Nature’s Climate Leadership Awards. Although all very different, what do these school's all have in common? They're producing lean technology to reduce greenhouse gas... Read More