Planet Forward
An interview with Professor Michael L. Corradini of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's College of Engineering.
Planet Forward
From UC Berkley Professor of Renewable Energy Dan Kammen
Planet Forward
Bill McKibben of Middlebury College gives his take on our climate future
Planet Forward
From the Archives: What role should religious institutions play in addressing issues of climate change? In answer, one filmmaker from UNC's "Powering a Nation" initiative explores how religious leaders are grappling with climate change and what they... Read More
It looks like Gates is "all in" so to speak with respect to climate change. He has substantial investments in a new type of nuclear technology (that people on this website have been ranting about for about a year). Read More
In early 2009, just one month before the House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), Rasmussen released a poll that said only 24 percent of the American public knew "cap-and-trade" dealt with environmental issues. More people... Read More
From the University of Mississippi
BRISTOL, RI __ Block Island is located 10 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, which means it's "off the grid" both physically and metaphysically. To meet its power needs, the community uses diesel generators but wants to replace them with wind... Read More