BRISTOL, RI __ Roger Williams University converted a diesel-shuttle to bio-diesel machine that runs on spent Canola oil.
BRISTOL, RI __ Roger Williams University converted one of its diesel buses to run on canola oil. Planet Forward takes you beneath the machine for a Q&A with the mechanic.
BRISTOL, RI __ RWU student Luis Galvan offer's his thoughts on the fate of the climate.
BRISTOL, RI __ Wind power has a viable future and, as RWU Professor Elefterios Pavlides points out, it's not the technology that's slowing its growth down, it's the politics. Planet Forward (RWU) spoke with him about the subject.
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From the Policy Greenhouse at The George Washington University on July 10, 2009
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from Ronny Bur-Gadda, CEO of Genesys, LLC
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from Tony Markel of the National Renewable Energy Lab
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from AJ Simon of Lawrence Livermore National Lab