Video created for the GE Ecomagination Challenge, a $200 million innovation experiment where businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators and students share their best ideas on how to build the next-generation power grid.
Long-term planning with many participants is difficult to achieve. This is not only due to the unpredictability of the future, or people's inability to think ahead except in the vaguest of terms, but also due to the difficulty of maintaining a... Read More
Sketchy science at Washington's Smithsonian Museum of Natural History? Who's funding it? Watch this week's National Wildlife Federation Climate Capsule.
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The NWF Climate Capsule, featuring our "Be Kind, Rewind" version of "Inception." If you could sneak into the dreams of Sen. Inhofe, what would you find?
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On the one hand, it's a positive sign for renewable fans... a small family business making a go of it in solar and wind power. This Long Island family has been installing small-scale solar and wind energy packages in back yards, reducing homeowner’s... Read More
Jack Ekstorm as been surfing California Beaches for over 60 years. He’s lived on a beautiful ocean bluff since he bought his house 1965 for just $19,000. “I built my dream home here. And I didn’t build it for speculation or anything,” Ekstorm said... Read More
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Are you ready to ride the waves? Planet Forward Intern Dave Raish shows us a video – with a nifty animation – that explains how one utility plans to harness the most reliable resource on Earth – the tides. By connecting two tidal turbines – think... Read More
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Electric cars may pimp your green image but are they worth the ride? Planet Forward member and creator of MPG-o-Matic, Daniel Gray, shows us some cool features of Nissan’s electric vehicle. But just how expensive is a zero emissions ride? We do the... Read More