We all admit that the growing trend today is to be "green" and energy efficient. Some people buy hybrid cars, some swear by compact fluorescent bulbs, others even mount solar panels and wind turbines to their homes! Well, homeowners, you're in for a... Read More
Another big project (link below) ...over 370, 000 sq ft of leading-edge BIPV...designed, installed and funded through private and public sector collaboration, albeit in France, but still an impressive accomplishment. And note that the technology was... Read More
Planet Forward
Would you be more willing to buy your lunch from an environmentally conscious restaurateur? Planet Forward member Stephan Boillon, better known as @flmeetsDC, shows us his solar powered food truck. We do the math and run his business model by George... Read More
From DC to Alaska, what impact is global warming having on America right now? What's the National Wildlife Federation doing to help promote green job training? And as Dirty the Global Warming Denying Sock Puppet attacks California's climate law,... Read More
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An interesting panel discussion from the White House's GreenGov Symposium about electric vehicles. October 6th, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm
The George Washington University
by M. Ravichandran Check out this entrepreneurial Georgetown undergrad who started a non-profit company that consults for DC area residents and businesses looking to install solar panels! He's smart, savvy and GREEN, ladies ;)
This week, the leaders of Climate Week, opened NASDAQ with the ringing of the bell. This symbolic gesture symbolizes the purposes of Climate Group’s conference: to fuse the private and public sector in combating climate change. The weeklong... Read More
After decades of encouraging catch and release, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is now offering cash lures to anglers to get them to keep their catch of Rainbow Trout. With help from Trout Unlimited, Idaho now offers a bounty on rainbows in... Read More
Even as environmental activists are still licking their wounds after failing to convince the U.S. Senate to pass a climate bill before the August recess, opponents of a legislative response to global warming have moved on to their next target. This... Read More
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The World Energy Congress is where the big multinationals present their newest energy innovations. At this year's event in Montreal, international companies wanted to show off their renewable investments. But is it all just a dance on the convention... Read More