State energy officials speaking at a July 7, 2010 event on Capitol Hill. How has federal stimulus funding for the State Energy Program been used to date? More information is available at
Watch the inspiring winning video of the Get Green Video Contest, showing how to better reduce your carbon footprint.
Public polling experts Jon Krosnick and Mark Cooper speaking at a June 10, 2010 event on Capitol Hill. Have Americans' views on global warming changed? More information is available at
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Kevin Maas from Farm Power Northwest gives us a tour of his anaerobic methane digestion facility and explains how his beneficial relationship with local dairy farmers. See Kevin's pitch on the technology here: Read More
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At what point does the debate on climate change policy get so watered down that it becomes detrimental to progress? Environmental leaders Dr. Daniel Lashof (Natural Resources Defense Council), James Connaughton (Constellation Energy), Dr. Ana Unruh... Read More
An oil disaster update from Louisiana, a new Big Oil All-Star & I get red-carded - watch the National Wildlife Federation's Climate Capsule!
Mark Rodgers, Director of Communications for Cape Wind, believes the off-shore drilling crisis in the Gulf of Mexico should teach us to embrace a cleaner alternative: off-shore wind
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Most everyone has heard of ethanol from corn, but what about ethanol from trees? That's what Colorado-based ZeaChem, Inc. are planning to do with a new plant opening in Boardman, Oregon. The plant, which will produce 250,000 gallons of ethyl acetate... Read More
For many youth, a warming world is more than an abstract threat. Within the lifetimes of today's young adults and children, climate change could lead to food shortages, changing coastlines and catastrophic storms. An October 2009 Pew Research Poll... Read More
I will try to translate another article into English. I do it once a week because I'm busy with my study. If there's something wrong, you can tell me in comment. Here is ........ Does GLOBAL CLIMATE become WARMER or COLDER? author: Zhou xiao fan