Former member of the Cleveland Electric Vehicle Association
Motor technology has been around for 100 plus years and seems to be frozen in time! So now is the time to bring about some new technologies. AC Motors use to be built utilizing copper bars and steel laminations in their rotors. This was very labor... Read More
Former member of the Cleveland Electric Vehicle Association
Electric Motor Technology has been around for 100 plus years...Not much has changed and it seems to be a technology frozen in time. About the only new technology that has emerged has been the Brushless DC Servo Motor. The Brushless DC motor is... Read More
USA Green Energy Group, LLC CONFIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The date of this Executive Summary is June 21, 2010 OVERVIEW
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Catch Secretary Steven Chu's solar panel announcement and his presentation at the White House's GreenGov Symposium. Also hear from Secretary Tom Vilsack and Janine Benyus (starting at 1:06), natural science writer and bio-mimicry innovation... Read More
Live Chat TODAY at 12pm EST! We talk to organizers of Project Get Ready and examine - what will this idea cost? How many stations do we need? Weigh in during Planet Forward's live chat with Zachary Heir at 12 noon EST. Chat
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Watch what happens behind-the-scenes at Planet Forward as we test drive the Nissan's Leaf, turning your stories into TV. Watch>>
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Author and climate expert Bill McKibben offers his take on electric vehicles and whether or not he plans to buy one.WATCH!
President of Environmental Cost Efficiencies, Inc., Mandy Lippman discusses ways to reduce carbon footprint through alternate ways of trash collection.
Roundtable on Clean Energy and Economic Competitiveness - U.S. Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu joins Business Forward CEO members at H-P's HQ in Palo Alto, California.
SBSC (Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation) promotes "Go beyond oil"