Climate Change

Climate change affects all of us and all the systems on planet Earth - from natural disasters to disrupted growing seasons, our changing climate is having widespread effects. Here are some ideas for how to deal with climate change, how to adapt and how to try and cut down on the change while we still can.

Technology will only get us so far when it comes to sorting out the worlds environmental issues. The Earth Pyramid will be monument that will act as a platform for discussing environmental issues and give a generation of children a chance to have... Read More
Environmental Commission of Monterey Park
Have the local chamber of commerce sponsor an environmental high school film contest on the subject of carbon footprint. The event will bring together students, teachers, parents, school administrators, philanthropists, elected officials, promoters... Read More
The George Washington University
How much carbon do all those music videos and lolcats produce? Turns out it's quite a lot. Watch
National Science Foundation
University of Alaska researchers developed a numerical model of the ice-covered Arctic ocean that includes tides. They used a highly innovative approach that embeds the sea ice directly into the ocean model. The results of the model compare... Read More
The George Washington University
Vietnam is one of the 10 countries considered most vulnerable to climate change. How are the people there coping with the changes? PISA, Partnerships for International Strategies in Asia, visits a rice growing community to discover what adaptation... Read More
The George Washington University
Natural weather disasters have already racked up $80 billion worth of destruction in 2011. Is this the new normal? This video from a pair GWU students in the ThinkFWD class will dazzle you.
We all want businesses to go green, but who should pay for it? Paul Quintero of Accion discusses his business' mission to provide funding for small businesses.
US Department of Labor
Jane Oates from Department of Labor is working to create jobs for Americans all over the country. Where are they happening? Watch and find out.
Hear from Michelle Greene about what the NY Stock Exchange is doing to work towards a greener planet. Greene discusses corporate responsibility and talks about the NYSE's effort to create the largest solar project in the U.K.!
Coastal communities are facing increased threats from sea level rise, but this idea will help homeowners rise above it. Check out our photo gallery!