Climate Change

Climate change affects all of us and all the systems on planet Earth - from natural disasters to disrupted growing seasons, our changing climate is having widespread effects. Here are some ideas for how to deal with climate change, how to adapt and how to try and cut down on the change while we still can.

Planet Forward
Participate in the conversation with energy and environment experts, bloggers and tweeters during the president's State of the Union address tonight at 9pm EST. You can follow on twitter using the #ecosotu hashtag or you can follow here where we'll... Read More
By Maggie Comstock Associate, Policy U.S. Green Building Council Climate policy wonks are used to reading leaked draft text in advance of international negotiations. However, the 19 page draft text for the upcoming United Nations Convention on... Read More
The George Washington University
DC's chief environmental officer, Christophe Tulou, has devised a plan to protect the nation's capital from storm damage. See the engineering innovation that is protecting the monuments on the national mall. Watch
Two things are clear in the wake of the COP17 international climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa. First, time is not on our side in the fight against climate change. And second, the world needs to look beyond national governments for... Read More
Elon University
Last summer, I lived in a sustainable treehouse community in Finca, Costa Rica and filmed the experience. As it turns out, I ended up filming a celebrity bulldog named Kimbo Slice. Check out Kimbo's quest! More videos coming soon!
Planet Forward friend, Climate Central, tells us why the problems in the arctic aren't staying there.
George Washington University
In 2011, few areas in the world are free of severe weather events.  Floods, droughts, cyclones, the list is biblical.  Lost in the reportage of extreme weather events and policy debates around climate change, are the human impacts.  How do multiple... Read More
Planet Forward
In Durban, South Africa delegates from around the world are examining the options to mitigate carbon emissions. An option on the table: REDD+ (for Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation, plus co-benefits -- like conservation and... Read More
George Washington University
THIS WEEK: This week Planet Forward is taking a look at the work PISA, a GW-based group, is doing in Nam Dinh, Vietnam. The women in Nam Dinh are adapting to a changing planet and they say they learned their tricks from none other than their... Read More
Planet Forward friend and New York Times' Dot-Earth blogger, Andrew Revkin, talks to energy innovator Nate Lewis about whether we can achieve optimal levels of renewable energy without a stronger focus on research versus deployment or political will... Read More