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Global climate change will have massive economic impact. Learn how changes in the environment will affect the bottom line for businesses and cost - or save - you money in your pocketbook.

An innovative way to make and dispose of packaging: grow it and throw it back into your garden. This company is trying to revolutionize the way we make packaging. Like this idea? Vote for it, and maybe we'll feature it on TV.
At a time when housing prices are falling nationwide, one thing can actually add resale value: sustainable improvements.
Would you install solar panels on your roof if there were no upfront costs and just a small monthly fee? Watch and learn more>>
Accept the viability that a Hydrogen Generator System is an answer to provide the Navy the ability to realize actual fuel savings versus fuel cost avoidance. A Hydrogen Generator system can be operated safely in a shipboard environment. It can be... Read More
International District Energy Association
Improving the efficiency of energy production from existing central power plants or heating plants with combined heat and power production technologies is a proven means to double the efficiency of fuel use. The fundamental rationale is presented by... Read More
International District Energy Association
By combining the production of thermal and electrical energy in central utility plants, district energy systems can reduce the demand on the public electrical grid, especially during peak load periods, while more than doubling the efficiency of fuel... Read More
International District Energy Association
Build more district energy systems, because they have the inherent scale and load aggregation to consume biomass as well as fossil fuels and to use unique resources such as deep lake water to replace air conditioning equipment.
Do you know where your electricity comes from? Have you ever wanted to visit the source? The electricity for John Fischer's company Sticker Giant, comes from 100% wind power via Xcel Energy. John wanted to see where his power was generated, so he... Read More
REACT (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams)
My idea is a new type of water heater thermostat. It would be similar to a furnace thermostat except FULLY programmable. I call it the Water Heater Energy Saver (WHES). Basic features would be: 1. Connects with water heater, and is user programmable... Read More
Is the U.S Green Building Counsel’s coveted LEED Certification full of crap? No not really but it is very far from perfect. All too often green gurus and real-estate agents sing the praises of LEED certifications but when looked at more thoroughly... Read More