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Global climate change will have massive economic impact. Learn how changes in the environment will affect the bottom line for businesses and cost - €”or save - you money in your pocketbook.

With over 60% of Danish buildings receiving heating and hot water via District Heating (80% of which comes from surplus energy sources) Denmark is the world leader in District Heating and Cooling Technology. District Heating has played a vital role... Read More
Secure more water, curb pollution, end interior flooding and create jobs through a national project that will correct our sin of neglect, abuse and waste to our most precious resource. It is not gold, oil or even food. It is the substance that makes... Read More
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Last month we test drove Nissan's Leaf...this month, we show you one way you may be able to afford solar panels with zero upfront costs. Check out our piece on PBS's Nightly Business Report and let us know what you think of Planet Forward member... Read More
I admire the entrepreneurial spirit of renewable businesses. In some ways they exemplify the best of the capitalist tradition. What are renewable entrepreneurs if not the wildest of wildcat companies, pushing the envelope ever further into new... Read More
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This Thursday, Planet Forward member Danny Kennedy, will show you his idea on PBS's Nightly Business Report. Check out this behind the scenes reel from our NBR shoots and don't forget to set your DVRs to record Nightly Business Report this Thursday.
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Las Vegas is considered a city of excess, with its neon lights, massive buffets, and perhaps too many Elvis impersonators.
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Get ready for our next segment on Bloomberg TV by learning more about Ecovative Design! Planet Forward’s Frank Sesno talks with Ecovative’s founder about their mission to replace styrofoam and plastic! Watch>>
Editor's Note: Tune in on Monday to our segment on Bloomberg West to hear the latest exciting news from Ecovative! Mushroom materials can be used for a variety of building applications, including insulation, structural insulating panels and... Read More
Is the U.S Green Building Counsel’s coveted LEED Certification full of crap? No not really but it is very far from perfect. All too often green gurus and real-estate agents sing the praises of LEED certifications but when looked at more thoroughly... Read More